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Swimming food for amateur swimmers

2022-07-03 05:59Swimming posture video tutorial
Summary: What do swimmers eatThe recommended foods before and after swimming are: a boiled egg in white water, a banana, or several digestive biscuits. For amateur swimmers, there are no strict requirements fo
What do swimmers eat
The recommended foods before and after swimming are: a boiled egg in white water, a banana, or several digestive biscuits. For amateur swimmers, there are no strict requirements for Swimming food  for amateur swimmersthe choice of food types, but they should try to avoid choosing foods that are not easy to digest, such as fried foods and milk. Swimming sports diet, there are three taboos and three advisances. Three taboos: tabooHow long does it take to swim to lose weight? What food do you eat before and after swimming
If you eat too much before swimming, you will feel very uncomfortable when swimming, and sometimes you will vomit. If you don't eat, you will be particularly hungry, so you should also pay special attention to the food you eat. Before swimming, you'd better eat some small and digestible food, and drink a small bag of milk an hour or two before swimmingIn order to keep fit, I go swimming. I'm not hungry after swimming every time. What should I eat at this time to not get fat and full
After swimming, the blood will flow to the muscles of the limbs to help repair the muscles and supplement nutrition. There is insufficient blood in the gastrointestinal tract, so yoSwimming food  for amateur swimmersu should eat some foods that are easier to digest, such as vegetable and fruit salad. Choose your favorite raw vegetables and fruits, and mix them with a small amount of salad dressingHow to eat before and after swimming I usually swim after work
After swimming, you should choose digestible food, such as vegetables, rice, etc., but you must not overdo it. Due to strong hunger after swimming, a considerable number of people will eat a lot at once This is easy to cause excess energy, but easy to cause obesity If you are losing weightWhat nutrients should children pay attention to before swimming
If it is close to swimming time, it is recommended to eat some liquid or absorbable food, such as bananas, which are rich in nutrients and trace elements, and are very Swimming food  for amateur swimmerssuitable for replenishing physical strength. During swimming, if the child's mouth, ears, palms and other body ends appear purple, or his body is cold, it means that his body may be lack of heat and nutritionWhat food do you need to supplement after swimming
After swimming, the sugar, fat and protein in the body are decomposed in a large amount, and lactic acid substances are produced in the decomposition process, which makes people feel sour Swimming food  for amateur swimmersswelling of muscles and joints and mental fatigue. Eating some alkaline food can alleviate it. Fruits and vegetables are good ingredients for strengthening the body and easy to satiate. They can have good effects of vitamins and mineralsHow to plan a good diet plan for swimming training
2、 The lunch diet of swimming training should avoid greasy and high fat foods; For lunch, we can't choose some light food like breakfast. I think we can choose some meat for lunch, but try to eat less meat products with high fat content, such as pig feetWhat diet and exercise should you pay attention to before swimming
Quality ". Generally speaking, animal protein is superior to plant protein in digestion, absorption and utilization. Dietary recommendations: intake of lean beef, skinless chicken breast, egg white, fish, shrimp and other foods containing high protein and low fat within 1 hour after swimming can effectively promote the synthesis of protein in the body and promote muscle growthWhat should swimmers pay attention to in terms of diet
They should eat some very plain food, and their eating habits should not be too heavy, because it will bring many bad effects to their daily life, so their diet has special people to control them, and they also need to control their body fatWhat should I pay attention to before swimming? What can I eat
◆ avoid swimming after strenuous exercise: swimming immediately after strenuous exercise will increase the burden on the heart: the body temperature will drop sharply, which will weaken the resistance and easily cause colds, pharyngitis and other diseases. ◆ choose small, digestible and high-energy food: eat it 1-1.5 hours before swimming
Swimming food for amateur swimmers

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