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Swimming stomach swelling several farts

2022-07-03 12:02Fastest swimming position
Summary: ... What's the matter with farting? Swimming for 1 kilometer, I felt bloated on my way home and farted for several timesWhen swimming, the air in the lungs enters the intestines and stomach, which
... What's the matter with farting? Swimming for 1 kilometer, I felt bloated on my way home and farted for several times
When swimming, the air in the lungs enters the intestines and stomach, which is a normal phenomenon. Improvement in breathing can reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon. When swimming, if you force the inhaled air into your lungs after inhaling, there is no air left in your mouthAbdominal pain after swimming
Is the waterSwimming stomach swelling  several farts cold to your stomach? It should be noted that the swimming time should not be too long and the water should not be too cold. If it is caused by swimming, it should be fine in a few days. If it is not good in a few days, it is best to go to the hospital to see a doctor. Let's adopt it
What's the matter with flatulence after swimming? I hope professionals can answer
I train every day, which has never been the case before. I think there are only a fSwimming stomach swelling  several fartsew reasons. It's not because of water or something, it's because of yourself, or your stomach is not very good. Or you didn't eat before swimming, or you ate too much and swam too hard. For these reasonsFlatulence after swimming
But can you swim like this? You got into the water soon after you ate it. That might cause this kind of thing. It's better to eat two hours before swimming, and then skip less water, otherwise it's easy to regurgitate if your stomach has been hit by water. You can massage your stomach, that is, you can use your hands to rub in circles all the time. You can jump a few times in the water, and then you can hiccupWhat are the weight-loss drugs for reducing stomach
 Orlistat is an OTC weight loss drug. It is a long-acting specific gastrointestinal lipase inhibitor, which can prevent triglyceride hydrolysis from being absorbed, so as to reduce calorie intake and control weight. Orlistat capsule is administered as an over-the-counter drug in China, which is effective in the treatment of obese or overweight patients. The main side effect of orlistat is that it will cause oily stool or oily spots, but this is the manifestation that orlistat is working. We recommend shurjia orlistat slimming capsule, which is different from other slimming cSwimming stomach swelling  several fartsapsules. It does not affect human brain and other organs of the body, but uses orlistat to inhibit gastrointestinal lipase and reduce fat absorption in food. Shuerjia orlistat starts to drain oil after taking it for 24-48 hours. Generally, it can reduce weight by 7%-10% of its original weight after 6 months of use, and the waistline shrinks on average after 6 months of taking it
I swam yesterday. How did my stomach swell and ache this morning
It should be caused by swimming. It doesn't matter. It'll be fine in a few daysWhy does swimming cause flatulence
Swimming is a very popular sport. The problem of flatulence when swimming is also a problem that many athletes will have. Introduce the relief method of flatulence! We need to exercise when we have flatulence. Exercise can promote intestinal peristalsis and take a walkWhen swimming, I have flatulence in my stomach, but I can't burp. What if I feel very uncomfortable
You can drink water, or cough hard for a few times. If not, you can make a person clench his left hand and press his left hand with his right hand, squeeze hard, so that the stomach will run out and inflate. Is this the case every time you swim? Sometimes I get angry after taking a nap on the tableWhy does your stomach swell after swimming
Just after eating or swimming on an empty stomach, you will have abdominal pain, abdominal distension, bad stomach gas and other digestive system discomfort. It is recommended that you use a hot water bag to warm the painful part, eat a piece of morpholine, drink some light sugar and salt water appropriately, and the most important thing is to keep warm
How do adults swim with swollen stomach
Flatulence? How do you breathe in the water? Maybe your breathing essentials are wrong. Because of the pressure of wateSwimming stomach swelling  several fartsr on your chest, you have poor breathing and limited diaphragm movementWhy does your stomach swell after swimming? I seem to be angry without drinking water
We all feel hungry and thirsty after swimming. Is your stomach swelling related to what you eat before swimming? If not, you'd better go to the hospital for examination. After all, health is the first thing
Swimming stomach swelling several farts

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