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2022-07-03 06:25Fastest swimming position
Summary: Where to take the exam of Shanghai life-saving certificate and swimming coach certificate? How to take the examThe training and assessment committee under Shanghai swimming and life saving association
Where to take the exam of Shanghai life-saving certificate and swimming coach certificate? How to take the exam
The training and assessment committee under Shanghai swimming and life saving association is a special organization responsible for the training and assessment of swimming grade lifeguards in the city. Junior lifeguard: those who are at leaShanghai Swimming Instructor  junior lifeguardst 18 to 50 years old, healthy, conscientious and responsible, and have a good foundation of swimming, caShanghai Swimming Instructor  junior lifeguardn apply to participate in the junior lifeguard training classWhere can I take the life-saving certificate and swimming coach certificate in Shanghai, and what are they
You can take the exam at Shanghai Institute of physical education. The registration time is about May every year. It will be easy to get further study at the University of physical education. Provincial capitals generally have places to sign up,. The cost is about 400, and it takes about a week to study, teaching courses and underwater practice. It's easy to rescueI want to take the swimming coach certificate. How much is it when I go there
As for the price of fitness instructor certificate, the price of different certificates is also inconsistent. Fitness coach is a skilled profession. Since it is a skill, having a certificate can contribute to your career development and make the finishing point, especially in first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and ShenzhenHow to take the swimming coach certificate? What conditions do you need
When signing up, you must take the swimming skill standard test (lifeguard: 25 meter speed swimming, men's within 20 seconds, women's within 22 seconds, 20 meter diving; instructor: 50 meter breaststroke + 50 meter freestyle or backstroke, men's within 125 seconds, women's within 150 seconds)Shanghai Shen Jianqiang swimming teacher certificate, where to renew the certificate after three-year examination? What is the specific address_ Baidu
Shen Jianqiang, a famous swimmer in China and Shanghai, is the deputy director of the 10th Shanghai Swimming Association, and holds a national swimming teacher certificate, according to the regulations on the web link of the "national swimming teacher management measures (Trial)" of the China Swimming Association and the "swimming teacher registration management methods" of the Shanghai Swimming AssociationJuniShanghai Swimming Instructor  junior lifeguardor Swimming Teacher in Shanghai
The main thing that doesn't have much content is to see how your skills are. If your skills are good, they're almost taught to you. If your skills are poor, the examiner will prick up your ears in class to listen to some key points and difficulties. In the exam, you have to teach others in class. If your skills are too poor, you'd better go back to practice first. It's good to swimWho knows how Shanghai Swimming Coaches learn. How to take the exam? Who knows? Thank you
The time varies from place to place. Do you want to take the junior swimming teacher certificate? You can call Xi'an sports bureau to ask, and they will give you detailed answers ~ generally, you should train for a few days before taking the exam. You should take the primary exam first. If you are a junior swimming teacher for more than three years, you can take the intermediate exam ~ the primary teacher can be taken by the local sports department2014 swimming coach examination in Shanghai
Shanghai Swimming Instructor  junior lifeguard This website can report coaches, materials and requirements: primary swimming instructor training - training objects and conditions: 1. Personnel engaged in swimming teaching in the city's swimming venues; 2. Have certain swimming skills; 3. Have a high school degree or above and be in good healthHow to become a swimming coach
To become a swimming coach, the first thing you need to learn is to swim the four strokes of "breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle and backstroke". Only if you can swim professionally, can you swim as a professional instructor in class. The second is to learn first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, swimmer spinal injury and routine treatment, divingWhere is the place where Shanghai applies for swimming coach certificate
You can only get a lifeguard certificate before you get a coach certificate. The registration place in Pudong is in the lifeguard Office of Pudong natatorium. Generally, the registration place is in the professional natatorium Sports Bureau. No matter this, it's the lifeguard Association
Shanghai Swimming Instructor junior lifeguard

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