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Fastest swimming position

Learn frog swimming video -----------------------------------------------------------

2022-07-01 22:02Fastest swimming position
Summary: How to learn breaststrokeThe most important thing of breaststroke is to learn how to breathe for the first time in the water, that is, how to breathe when swimming. Of course, at first, it was still t
How to learn breaststroke
The most important thing of breaststroke is to learn how to breathe for the first time in the water, that is, how to breathe when swimming. Of course, at first, it was still to learn how to use the hands and feet of frogs -- the cooperation of hand paddling and foot kicking. Then there is the fluctuation of the head in the water, -- slowly exhale when the head enters the water, raise the head and inhale when the mouth comes out of the waterLearn breaststroke steps
1. Learn to hold your breath first, usually for ten seconds, lower your head below the water, exhale with your mouth in the water, and don't spit it out all at once. Then, you put your hand on the edge of the swimming pool (preferably lower) to relax, and you will slowly float up and practice by yourself. Too many, don't write, add me as a friendLearn frog swimming video  -----------------------------------------------------------, I'm typingHow to learn breaststroke
3. Recently, I am learning to swim, but why do I always turn in place and it is difficult to move forward? A: to move forward, we mainly rely on the downward and backward driving force of our feet. I think your legs only have the force to pat down the water, but not the force to push the water, so you can only move in the original ground. 4. Are hands and feet used together when swimming? Why can't the body floatWho has swimming teaching videos or skills
Go swimming every dayHow to learn breaststroke
Breaststroke technology is more complex. Because, in breaststroke teaching, we should pay attention to the basic technology, in which the leg is the foundation. Breaststroke is carried out in a complete sequence of leg, arm, arm and leg coordination. Leg movements: imitation exercises on land: (1) sit and support to imitate breaststroke legs: sit on a stool or by the pool, tilt your upper body back later, and support your hands and legsHow to learn frog swimming
Experience 1 All swimming styles should be learned by imitating the actions on the shore first, and then practicing in the water after the imitation is in place and skilled. Practice makes perfect. The actions after the water will not deform, and you will soon be able to master the essentials. 2. For people who can't swim, they should first learnLearn frog swimming video  ----------------------------------------------------------- to float in the waterHow to learn breaststroke
Breaststroke is a favorite swimming event for many swimmers, but it is not young for many people to learn breaststroke quickly. Now let Professor Xu Hong tell us how to learn breaststroke. Start position: keep your arms tense and naturally stretch forward, parallel to the water, and your body in a straight lineHow to learn breaststroke quickly
For beginners, generally speaking, due to the limited time to learn swimming, or poor physical coordination and other reasons, sometimes in teaching, when beginners are not proficient in leg movements, they have a completeLearn frog swimming video  ----------------------------------------------------------- cooperation practice of breaststroke in order to catch upHow to learn breaststroke video
Kick the water towards the back of your body. Common mistakes: it's wrong to kick up or down. When you kick up, you sink a little before you float up. Kick down,Learn frog swimming video  ----------------------------------------------------------- push people up, and weaken the propulsion. Frog feet that are not kicked backwards will not go to the water. 4 continue to kick until your knees are straightQuickly learn the skills of breaststroke
Domestic swimming teaching generally starts from breaststroke. In foreign countries, on the contrary, it starts from freestyle, while I started from backstroke. I learned backstroke, freestyle and breaststroke after going to the natatorium for more than a dozen times. I started to imitate and practice at home from watching the following breaststroke skills
Learn frog swimming video -----------------------------------------------------------

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