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Correct swimming posture

Swimming fitness program good quality of life

2022-06-25 03:24Correct swimming posture
Summary: I need a good swimming fitness programMan, the quality of life is good! The best and most effective way to lose weight is to swim. The burden of the human body in the water is more than 20 times the p
I need a good swimming fitness program
Man, the quality of life is good! The best and most effective way to lose weight is to swim. The burden of the human body in the water is more than 20 times the pressure in the air. You can think of no meat. But one thing is that after swimming, you will consume a lot of fat and calories. After swimming, you will be more hungry than usualHow to make a fitness plan for yourself
Fitness plan is to accept the physical fitness test of the fitness instructor before participating in fitness exercise, and on this basis, formulate a reasonable and effective plan for fitness workers. Sports experts say that making a fitness plan can not only improve the quality of fitness, but also promote fitness efficiency. BananaSwimming fitness program  good quality of life type people tend to be thin, fat less and muscularAsk for a fitness schedule
If you practice symmetry, swimming is a good exercise. Practice for 40 minutes to 1 hour every day, but don't just soak in the water without sinking. Practice your swimming speed! Just soaking in the water without sinking to the bottom will not be effective. Only use the force to reach a certain speed. Except swimming... Exercise and then go swimming. Hope to get a detailed fitness plan
Losing weight should be mainly aerobic, supplemented by strength. Swimming doesn't lose weight very much, because you will become very hungry after swimming, and you can'Swimming fitness program  good quality of lifet reduce your self-control
Help with a fitness program
As far as your situation is concerned, proper exercise can basically achieve the goal. Since you have relatively abundant time, it is recommended that you exercise mainly by dumbbell exercises and supplemented by swimming; Although there are professional teachers in the gym to guide you in fitness activities, the main role is still your ownFitness program
As for running, I am less now! I used to run a lot, usually about 20 minutes for 5 kilometers! In summer, I often go swimming. Swimming is the best exercise. I find that I can exercise anywhere! You can make a plan according to your specific situation. The plan is just a way to exercise. The important thing is to sticSwimming fitness program  good quality of lifek to it! As for diet, personallyFitness schedule
8: 00-8:30 can do some relaxing mechanical exercises in public fitness places. After lunch, you can take a 30 minute walk near your home. Do 30 push ups and 30 sit ups before taking a nap. 3: From 00 to 4:00, you can play badminton from 5:00 to 8:00 for two hours of freestyle swimmingHow to write a fitness plan
By the way, the training time should be arranged from the afternoon to the evening as much as possible, because the human body is in the best physical strength and flexibility at this time. Finally, I wish you success in your fitness! To sum up: (aerobic exercise) it is a very good exercise. Regular exercise is beneficial and harmless to the body. Running, rope skipping, swimming, anaerobic exercise, if there is no conditionHow to arrange the time for fitness and how to add swimming to the exercise plan
3. Swimming for 10-20 minutes (rest, exercise cardiopulmonary function and coordinate body balance) 4. Taking a bath and sauna for 10 minutes (at this time, it is estimated that my tired hands can not be lifted up, so try to hurry up, don't catch cold, and don't often play sauna. Generally, 1-2 times a week is enough, too many games are bad for my body). I exercise twice a week, and I will be very tiredAsk for specific fitness plan, take the week as the cycle, and you can swim
At the weight of 99.8,Swimming fitness program  good quality of life do anaerobic exercise first, run and swim 3 to 4 times a week, and control your diet at the same time. After weight down, you can use 5 exercises a week, 3 strength exercises and 2 aerobic exercises, and rest for the remaining 2 days
Swimming fitness program good quality of life

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