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Correct swimming posture

Swimming writing composition

2022-06-30 20:10Correct swimming posture
Summary: Write a composition about learning to swimWith the change of the weather, the weather is getting hotter and hotter. I can only hide in my room with the air conditioner on every day, for fear that the
Write a composition about learning to swim
With the change of the weather, the weather is getting hotter and hotter. I can only hide in my room with the air conditioner on every day, for fear that the scorching sun will tan me. A few hours before dark that day, my father said he would take me to the gym to swim. I was very happy. It's 100% coSwimming writing compositionmfortable in the swimming pool. My heart is full of beautySwimming Swimming writing compositioncomposition 250 words
In my life, there are many first times. What I will never forget is the first swimming. Since I was a child, I have been afraid of water. I have a bad feeling about water. Since the catastrophic flood in 1998, I have been even more afraid of water. At the age of 6, my parents began to mobilize me to go swimming. Finally, I reluctantly agreedSeeking composition: paragraphs describing swimming
It's good to be able to keep fit and have fun. It's good toSwimming writing composition swim! Chapter 2: it feels good to swim. Swimming is both a physical exercise and a practical skill. I like swimming very much and love swimming. In the third grade of primary school, as a course, the school organized us to have a swimming class once a weekHow to write a 50 word composition for swimming
I learned to swim last summer. I used to swim in a swimming circle. I couldn't swim without a swimming circle. One day, an uncle saw me swimming with a swimming ring. "Let me teach you how to swim, little friend." The uncle said, "first of all, learn to hold your breath, take a breath, and hold it in
Swimming composition 200 words
When I opened my drawer to look for something, I suddenly found my previous swimming health certificate. I recalled those funny pictures. Now I really want to laugh. I remember it was a hot summer. I couldn't swim. I was so happy when my classmates said that the swimming pool was open. After schoolWrite a composition about swimming
I live near the Minjiang River. The beautiful Minjiang River flows slowly under my feet. Every summer, the children around me visit Minjiang River almost every day. Although I also like to go swimming with my father, I always wear a swimming circle and never dare to leave itI learned how to write a composition by swimming
I learned to swim. In this summer vacation, my biggest gain is that I learned to swim. This is my most pleasant thing. I still feel a little excited and nervous when I think of the scene when I just learned to swim. That day, my father and mother took me to the swimming pool in Wusong park. As soon as I got to the swimming pool, I couldn't wait to put on my bathing suitWrite a swimming composition of 400 words
The hot summer vacation is coming, which is also my favorite vacation, because there is my favorite water sport - swimming. My relatives asked me to go swimming in Wusuo. I was so excited that I packed up my things and set off. When I came to the five swimSwimming writing compositionming pools, I saw many people learning to swim in the swimming pool, including childrenThe 400 word swimming composition has a beginning, a middle and an end
I learned how to swim. I really feel great for learning how to swim. In previous swimming classes, although I dared to draw water on the steps, I did not dare to go into the water with my whole body, and I did not dare to swim. In the summer vacation, there was a swimming class. We changed our clothes. When we got to the swimming pool, everyone else went into the water. I was the only one who was trembling and dared not go into the waterI like swimming
Swimming is my favorite sport. I started to learn swimming on July 27 this year. There are 12 classes in total, which has made a great change for me - from being afraid of water to being keen on swimming. Since I began to learn swimming, I have loved swimming and have a special feeling about it
Swimming writing composition

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