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Correct swimming posture

Swimming fever a viral infection

2022-06-30 09:05Correct swimming posture
Summary: How to reduce the heat in the swimming poolSwimming pool fever, also known as pharyngeal conjunctival fever, is a kind of virus infection, also known as "swimming pool virus fever", with an incu
How to reduce the heat in the swimming pool
Swimming pool fever, also known as pharyngeal conjunctival fever, is a kind of virus infection, also known as "swimming pool virus feveSwimming fever  a viral infectionr", with an incubation period of about 5 days. Experts pointed out that at present, there is no specific drug for "swimming pool fever". If you take antipyretics when you have a high fever, you'd better keep quiet, use ice pillows to cool down, and drink more water at the same timeI feel warm after swimming! Why
Because the basic metabolic rate of the body increases after exercise, you will feel warmAfter swimming, how does the whole body get hot and the back itch return a responsibility
On the one hand, it may be related to your constitution. It may be allergic constitution. Generally, swimming pools are disinfected with chlorine containing disinfectants. Some people are prone to allergies. The chemicals used in swimming pools can cause allergiesFever after Swimming fever  a viral infectionswimming
Especially in summer. Because swimming is a lot of exercise. Fever is normal. Maybe it's summer! You can reduce the amount of exercise and lower the temperature of the bath. In addition, after swimming, relax and swim for at least 200 metersAfter swimming in the sea, my whole body is very hot and painful. What should I do? Waiting for others is the most painful on the shoulder
Normal pull, beach swimming, sun poison, salt water bubble, don't worry If you feel uncomfortable, after taking a bath, use some Liushen toilet water to wipe, or put some toilet water in a bucket to wipeWhy does winter swimming cause Swimming fever  a viral infectionfever all over the body
Swimming is a whole-body exercise. Even in winter, the water temperature is constant. The water temperature in the natatorium is about 20 degrees Celsius. If the river is not frozen, it is at least 4 degrees CelsiusOn the first day of learning to swim, how did you get hot and red all over
Too tired Do you swim full? That may be the result of eating something unclean. Swimming and exercise can lead to vomitingWhen swimming, it gets hotter and hotter
Maybe your skills are not enough and it is hard to swim, so you feel that heat and anemia should also have a certain relationship. Swimming is very physical, and lack of sugar will lead to collapse and fatigue. You may even feel brain heavy. Drink some sugar water before you go swimming next time to see if it will be better. What I said is not authoritative, but just suggestionsAfter swimming, I feel very hot (not dry and hot). How is this going on? Please tell me from a professional medical point of view
This is the result of your swimming. There is nothing wrong. You can rest assured that swimming is twice as much as your running activity. You should have a fever, or it will be abnormal
Why does the whole body get hot when swimming
This shows that your exercise is just right. It's nothing. In your case, the water Swimming fever  a viral infectiontemperature in the swimming pool may be a little high. Generally, when the temperature in the swimming pool is 26.5 degrees in summer, it is the most suitable temperature for exercise, which can well alleviate the problem of body warming. Like some convalescent swimming pools, the temperature is much higher than this
Swimming fever a viral infection

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